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Kaelin Ellis - The Funk Will Prevail

A ticketed album release listening party with a live stream for multi-platinum instrumentalist Kaelin Ellis. Attendees listened in "silent disco" format as their reactions were recorded in real time. Watch behind the scenes here.

Role: Director of Photography, Editor

"Going Pro" - Athletes Unlimited

A bond trader by day, Rookie AU Lacrosse player Britt Brown balances her rookie season with her already-demanding career in this episode of "Going Pro".

Role: Editor

Fidelity - The Irrational Pursuit of Perfection

A 3X award winning student film at the University of Florida Campus Movie Festival, taking home "Best Director", "Best Performance" and "Best in Time-Based Media".

Role: Director, Cinematographer, Editor

"The Juice" with Lauren Chamberlain - Series


Former NCAA Softball Home Run leader and first overall NPF Draft pick Lauren Chamberlain, now approaching retirement, delves into lifestyle interests she couldn't pursue during her sports career.

Role: Executive Producer, Cinematographer, Editor


Jardez - Medellin

Captured in Medellin, Colombia using a combination of VHS, Super 8 film, and digital video, this is one of my favorite projects to date.

Role: Videographer

"Fever Dream"

Employing the help of Miami-based singer Kay Bridges and Gainesville-based guitarist Sky Lucas, "Fever Dream" accomplished the feat of being a music video I shot and edited for a song I produced.


Role: Director, Videographer, Editor, Music Producer

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